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Sambay has a strong passion for his gift. He has always been highly appreciative for the opportunities and the people he has crossed paths with from his beginnings to now.

In 2019 Sambay presented to the world “Sambay Honors”. The vision for this series is to honor those who have impacted Sambay and also those who havd contributed to the culture of music but never got recognized for their efforts. That’s why in 2019 he started “Sambay Honors”. God has given him the vision to give as many of his mentors, role models and people who he has benefitted from in one way or another,  their roses while they are still alive to smell them. We as human beings often make the big mistake of only celebrating people after they are gone but unfortunately at that point its too late. They will no longer be able to know how you truly feel about them. 

Being a musician and instrumentalist, Sambay knows how it feels to be behind the scenes and never recognized. As a result, his goal was to be able to show the world that the people behind the lead singer are equally as important as the lead. No one can do it alone. These instrumentalist have endured hardships and challenges. They have used their gifts to bless the world and as a result we all are benefiting from it in one way or another. As a result, Sambay wanted to be the one to show them that if no one values them, he does. 

Sambay traveled all over the United States of America and also to London, UK in order to highlight some of the greats! Of course, there are countless people who Sambay was unable to interview but this was just a step in the right direction to spreading love the best way he can.