Meet our top quality handmade talking drums

We believe the best sounds emerge from simple tools.


We make what we love

At Sambayet, our passion can easily be seen in the attention to details poured into each hand crafted talking drum. You see to us they are more than just instruments, but a mouth piece from the gods.

Apprentice Planing Wood In Carpentry Workshop
making talking drums


Our Manufacturing Story

Every piece of material is sourced from the forbidden forest deep in the heart of Ogun State, then subjected to our secret curing rituals.


Detailed Instructions

01. Technical Drawing

We conceptualize, then put the different design options in our sketch pad

02. Getting Materials

Our experienced hands go sourcing for the best materials for the job

03. Production

Only the most experienced hands on the team work on bringing the design to life

04. Prayers

The finished work is taking through the purification rituals, giving it our distinct sound


What our clients have to say​

We imagine you would like to hear what others thought of our drums.

Sambayet make the best talking drums in the world. I purchased mine last year. And now, 4 of my friends have purchased theirs too.
John Williams
I always buy my drums from Sambayet. They are masters of their craft, and their staff are really courteous.
Michael Ilesanmi
Professional Drummer

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