This is a fourth generation, family-owned leather and textiles business.

Sambayent Samuel Baiyewu


Meet Sambay

Samuel Baiyewu aka SAMBAY is an American born Nigerian, Multi-Talented, Astounding Ambassador Of African percussion: ( Talking Drum, Omele, Bata, Chord Drum). 

For someone with no formal training of the Talking Drum (Gangan), Sambay has excelled to a prominent Mastery level and also opened doors & platforms for other American born youths to develop their interests, gifts and talents in African percussion. People say he is a motivational leader and pioneer for the youth of this generation, with his dexterity, exceptional skill and musical creativity.

Presently, he is director of Sambayent.


We make what we love

At Sambayet, our passion can easily be seen in the attention to detail poured into each talking drum. You see to us, they are more than just instruments, but a mouth piece from the gods.

Each drum is created based on secrets that have been passed down through 4 generations. First, we put the different design options in our sketch pad. Next, our experienced hands go sourcing for the best materials for the job, with only the most experienced hands on the team working on bringing the design to life. Then, the finished work is taking through the purification rituals, giving it our distinct sound.

Carpenter Using Plane In Woodworking Woodshop


Over 2300+ Completed Drums & Still counting

Being in business as long as we have has given us the unique opportunity to hone our craft, while delighting customers around the world.


Talking Drums






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